Annual Operating Budget

2017 Sully Station II Community Association Annual Operating Budget

Dear Sully Station II Members:

The Sully Station II Community Association Board of Trustees has approved the
2017 Annual Operating Budget. The Board and Management have held several meetings, including a presentation for residents, where each line item in the budget was discussed with the primary objective of controlling costs. The resulting 2017 Budget requires a small increase to cover expenses not offset by ongoing cost saving activities.

The following is a summary of the budget by category:

2016 2017
INCOME 1,541,666 1,559,500
ADMINISTRATIVE 465,225 481,530
POOL 98,600 86,950
COMMUNITY CENTER 24,000 25,000
PROGRAMS 24,940 25,940
SINGLE FAMILY 104,797 105,951
ESTATES 54,303 55,720
TOWNHOMES 378,821 370,015
RESERVES 200,570 204,910
TOTAL EXPENSES 1,541,666 1,559,500


A detailed breakdown of the budget is available at:

2017 Budget Summary

The following is a breakdown of the monthly assessment rates:

2016 2017 % Change
TOWNHOMES $97.25 $97.90 0.67% Increase
SINGLE FAMILY $81.45 $83.20 2.15% Increase
ESTATE HOMES $128.50 $131.80 2.57% Increase


The slight increase in assessment rate for all segments of the community is primarily driven by inflation increases included in contracts and by the contribution to Reserves. Annual Reserve Contributions are determined by the Reserve Study which was conducted in 2016 by an independent contractor certified by the state of Virginia. The Reserve Study serves as a detailed plan for the replacement of Association assets.

FirstService Residential Services will be ordering the Assessment Coupon Books for each Member of the Association that is not currently participating in the Automatic Debit program. The intent is to have all coupon books received by the Members by the end of December 2016. When your coupon book arrives, please review it for accuracy. The Board of Trustees encourages you to consider using the Automatic Debit program to reduce Association costs of printing and mailing the coupon books each year. The registration form is available at:

ACH Debit Application

If you have any questions, please contact Rob Martin, General Manager at the Association office. Rob may be reached at 703-266-2020 or by email at The Assistant Manager, Luigi Solloso can be reached at 703-266-2044 or by email at


Glenn Martin
Sully Station II Community Association Board of Trustees



Strategic Plan

Dear Members,

The Board of Trustees has finalized and approved the SSIICA Strategic Plan Revision.

SSIICA Strategic Plan Revised

Annual Meeting Results

Dear Sully Station II Community Association Members,

The results of the Sully Station II election are in and we would like to thank all the resident who voted. We collected a total of 217 ballots, 50 more than we received the year before. We would like to also thank those residents who attended last nights meeting.  Your participation in this years election is very much appreciated. The results of the Sully Station II Board of Trustees election are as follows:
Name Votes Term
Adrian Isaicu 166 2 years
William Perry 162 2 years
Karen Hogan 158 2 years
Glenn Martin 154 2 years
Veronica Asafaylo 147 1 year
Diana Marvin 141 1 year


Volunteer of the Year

This year’s Volunteer of the Year award recipient was Julie Dale.  Mrs. Dale serves as the Architectural Review Board Chairperson, and has served the community for many years.  Congratulations Julie and thank you for all you do for Sully Station II!

Gift Card Winner

The winner of the $300 gift card was Mira Tak.  Thank you Ms. Tak for voting in this years election and Amendment process.


We were unable to meet the required 885 votes in order to determine a result for the proposed Amendments, thus we are unable to announce a resolution to this issue.  The Board will be working with the Association’s attorney to establish the best process to complete this endeavor.  Please stay tuned for more information and We thank all who have participated at this time

Sully Station II 2016 Meetings Schedule

Architectural Review Board Meeting:

** All meetings begin at 6:30 PM **

 December 12th, 2016  January 9, 2017  February 13, 2017  March 13, 2017
 April 10, 2017  May 8, 2017  June 12, 2017  July 10, 2017
 August 14, 2017  September 11, 2017  October 9, 2017  November 13, 2017
 December 11, 2017

Board of  Trustees Meeting:

** All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. **

 December 15th, 2016  January 26, 2017  February 23, 2017  March 23, 2017
 April 27, 2017  May 25, 2017  June 22, 2017  July 27, 2017
 August 24, 2017  September 28, 2017 (Annual)  October 12, 2017
(Officer Elections)
 October 26, 2017
 November 16, 2017  December 14, 2017

** September 22nd, 2016 is the Annual Meeting **

**All dates are subject to change**

The Board of Trustee Meeting Package can be found under The Board Room page.