World Police & Fire Games



       June 23, 2015




Okay, so it is really happening! I’m talking about The World Police & Fire Games that will kick off in RFK Stadium this Friday, June 26. The Games will take place in venues throughout Fairfax County and the Washington Metropolitan Region.



Bringing the Games to Fairfax County was a highly competitive process. They have previously been held in cities such as Belfast, Barcelona, Melbourne and Stockholm, just to name a few. The Games are the largest multi-sport international competition after the Summer Olympics.


For ten days beginning June 26 and ending July 5, Fairfax County will have the opportunity to showcase ourselves and our impressive public safety capabilities to the world. All events and sporting activities are free to the public (a requirement of the WP&FG Federation).


Sporting events will utilize existing County assets and infrastructure, taking advantage of space available in our schools and parks. Reston Town Center will serve as Athlete’s Village and “Celebration Central” for the athletes and participants.


The website has been recently updated to provide a wealth of information for spectators about the many sports and activities that will be taking place through July 5th. I hope you will take advantage of this exciting opportunity, enjoy the sport of your choice, and cheer on our public safety team!




Sharon Bulova
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Sports Days and Locations

Sports Times

Interactive Map – Sports Venues Near You!

Opening Ceremony at RFK Stadium

Closing Ceremony at Wolf Trap


Ticket Information:

  • All sporting events are free and open to the public
  • Boxing and Bodybuilding will require complimentary tickets due to venue capacity limits
  • Boxing and Bodybuilding tickets will be available at the George Mason University box office (processing charges may apply)


Enjoy cheering on different countries competing in soccer, baseball, ice hockey, motocross, beach volleyball, tennis and more! A wallet-friendly way to spend time with friends and family at a sporting event near you!


Tune in to Channel 16 and live video streaming to watch the Games from your home!


June 27 – July 2, 7:30 – 8pm

Sully Station II Meetings Schedule

Board of  Trustees Meeting: June 25th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.  June 2015 Meeting Agenda

Architectural Review Board Meeting: July 13th, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

We need your vote!

The Board of Trustees are working hard to make Sully Station II a better community but they cannot do it alone. The Board of Trustees proposed a change to the Amendments in the October 2014 Annual Meeting. We are still collecting votes for the Amendments change. So if you are an owner in Sully Station II and have not voted, we need your vote. Click here to see the proposed Amendments change. We appreciate your vote!

2015 Pool passes

For the 2015 pool season, Sully Station II implemented a new digital Pool Pass ID system. We will begin taking digital pictures and issuing new ID cards starting February 2nd, 2015, during normal business hours. Please be advised that the old Pool Passes (laminated green carton) are not valid anymore and will not be accepted. Starting May 23rd 2015, you can only access the pool by presenting the new digital Pool Pass.

Home owners and dependents, please bring proper identification. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Renters, please bring proper ID and your current rental agreement if you did not register it with us already. Your pool pass will expire the last day of your rental agreement and can be extended if you provide us the lease extension.

Pool Opening Hours 2015

May 23rd to June 19th
Monday through Friday 1PM to 8PM
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 11AM to 8PM

June 20th to Sept 7th
Monday through Friday 11AM to 8PM
Friday, Saturday, Holidays 11AM to 8PM

Swim lessons

Sully Station II in conjunction with High Sierra Pools is offering swimming lessons this summer. If you are interested in having your child participate, please visit for more information and online registration or you can send an email to or call our High Sierra Pools at 703-920-1750.

General Information
Each session is composed of eight lessons taught over two weeks; Monday through Thursday, with Fridays reserved as make-up days. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes. All children must be at least 3 years old to enroll in any swimming lesson.

High Sierra Pools offers the following types of lessons each session:

GROUP LESSONS – There is a minimum of four children needed in order to organize a group and run group lessons. The maximum number of children per group is seven. The cost is $80 per child.

SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS – Semi-private lessons are offered for two students in a group. These groups must be pre-arranged by parent(s). HSP unfortunately cannot organize these groups. The cost is $140 per child.

PRIVATE LESSONS – One-on-one lessons for a single student. The cost is $280 per child.
The deadline for signing up is one week before the start date of the session. Payment will also be due by that time.

Swim Lessons Schedule



June 22nd


July 2nd
SESSION 2 July 6th July 16th
SESSION 3 July 20th July 30th
SESSION 4 August 3rd August 13th




Time/day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9.00-9.30AM Sharks/Dolphins/ Private/Semi-private Sharks/Dolphins/ Private/Semi-private Sharks/Dolphins/ Private/Semi-private Sharks/Dolphins/ Private/Semi-private
9.30-10.00AM Sea Turtles/ Private/Semi-private Sea Turtles/ Private/Semi-private Sea Turtles/ Private/Semi-private Sea Turtles/ Private/Semi-private
10.00-10.30AM Nemos/   Private/Semi-private Nemos/   Private/Semi-private Nemos/   Private/Semi-private Nemos/   Private/Semi-private

Click here for Swim level description

Avoid increases in Home Owner Monthly Fees - Pay by the 1st of the month!

I want to share with all Sully Station II Members that the Association is currently operating a Home Owner Association (HOA) delinquency rate of 6.4%. The Industry standard rate is about 5 %, with several Northern Virginia associations near 2%. There are many reasons that can result in a delinquent account; however, ANY delinquency has negative consequences for our community. The Sully Station II Board of Trustees (BOT) has taken actions this past year to reduce the delinquency rate from a high of 9.6% – down to the current rate.

The BOT has fiduciary responsibilities to manage the Association’s operations to the benefit of all Members. The Association is a non-profit organization and requires Members to contribute their financial obligations, on time, allowing the many expenses of the Community to be met. The Members are obligated to pay their share of the expenses, the monthly HOA fee, by the 1st of each month. Payments received after the first of the month are late. Unfortunately, many feel they have the ability to “push” their payment until the 15th of the month and still be on time. However, we are now seeing many that do not make that goal – payments are coming in late and are accruing a late fee of $20. The BOT is now reviewing plans to place additional restrictions on accounts that are continuously late and accumulate late fees. Please plan and allow sufficient time so your payment is received before or exactly on the 1st of the month.

A popular method that the Board and Management have set up is the Automatic Debit Payment plan (ACH). The ACH will debit your account the same day every month and adjust the fee each year automatically. By using the ACH program you will never have to worry about paying on time and will not be late in payments. Best of all – its free of charge, no coupons and no postage to deal with! For on time payments and peace of mind the BOT encourages all Members to sign up for the ACH program and ensure your financial responsibilities to the HOA are met. The Board especially encourages those members that are having difficulty paying on-time by the 1st of the month to sign up for this program.

If you would like more information on ACH payment program please go the top bar of the website, or contact our FSR Community Management Staff, Robert Martin (703-266-2020) or Luigi Solloso (703-266-2044), for more details.

By making payments on time you will be protecting the value of one of your most important investments – your home and community!

Dan Jenuleson
Sully Station II Board of Trustees

Volunteers needed


Volunteering in Sully Station II

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Sully Station II residents a very Happy New Year!

The Sully II Times Newsletter is being implemented to increase communications with the Sully Station II residents and to provide timely information on the various activities and community services happening in your neighborhood. One of the goals of the newsletter is to share information and encourage residents to get involved in neighborhood activities, meet other residents and foster a sense of community spirit. The Board of Trustees encourages members of all ages to become involved in community activities and help create our community into a neighborhood that families call “home”. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. They range from helping at our many community functions – to serving on a Board developed committee(s).

In 2014, the Board reviewed the governing documents and services provided by the community management company, FirstServices Residential. A decision was made to update the Sully Station II committee structure. The Board developed six committees, with written charters, to help the Board operate the Sully Station II Community Association. The committees are: Architectural Review Board, Architectural Review Committee (Sully Estate focus), Election Committee, Activities Committee, Financial Review and Budget Committee, and the Communications Committee. Members are encouraged to volunteer, participate in the committees and to support the Board of Trustees in their fiduciary responsibilities.

In 2015 we will be, once again, recruiting Sully Station II children and parents to become involved in the Sully II Swim Team. The swim team is a fantastic summer activity! It allows participation in teambuilding activities, travel/meeting others from surrounding commmunities for competitions and best of all - have a memorable summer. Through the years, our swim team has been a key activity to help make the community feel like a neighborhood. There will be future articles in the Sully II Times that will explain how and when swim team registration will occur.

If you would like to volunteer in the community, or are a student needing community service credit, please contact our Community Management Staff, Bob Webster (703-266-2020) or Luigi Solloso (703-266-2044), for more details.

To all those who have volunteered this past year. We at Sully Station II would like express a very warm and heartfelt THANK YOU!

We can’t thank you enough for all you hard work and dedication to our community!!

I want to wish everyone a safe and healthy 2015!

Dan Jenuleson
Sully Station II Board of Trustees

2015 Annual Operating Budget

November 20, 2014

Dear Sully Station II Members

The Sully Station II Community Association Board of Trustees has approved the 2015 Annual Operating Budget. The Budget’s fiscal year begins January 01, 2015 and ends December 31, 2015. The Board and Management have discussed in depth each line items on the Budget. The priority is to control cost growth. However, consideration is also given to the level of services provided, existing contract expenses, and increases due to inflation. The result is the 2015 Budget requires a small increase to cover expenses not offset by ongoing cost saving activites.
The following is a breakdown of the monthly assessment rates:

Assesments 2014 2015
Townhomes $91.05 $92.54
Single family homes $80.05 $80.05
Estate Homes $125.10 $125.50

The Townhome assessment increased by one dollar and forty nine cents. The Townhome assessment rate is driven by the 2013/2014 snow season. During the recent winter, fifty three inches of snow fell in our area over several months. The snow removal costs exceeded our Townhome snow removal budget, and consumed our entire Townhome snow removal reserve budget. The Townhome assessment increase is the result of the Board of Trustees’ efforts to manage costs – while addressing our fiduciary responsibilities to replenish the snow reserves. The minimal increase to the Estate Homes assessment is to increase required funding into the Estate reserve account based on the Reserve Study recommendations. The Single Family homes assessment rate remains unchanged.
The Board recognizes some Members are experiencing financial difficulties due to economic conditions. This small increase of Assessment is critical to continue to cover important services, while at the same time keeping assessments low.
FirstService Residential Services will be ordering the Assessment Coupon Books for each Member of the Association. The intent is to have all coupons books received by the Members by the end of December 2014. When the coupon books arrive, please review your coupon book for accuracy.

Assessment Payment Options 2015

Please do not forget to contact your payment provider (PayLease and similar sites) to adjust your account settings to reflect the new monthly assessment payment on your automatic payment.

If you have any questions, please contact Bob Webster, General Manager at the HOA office. Bob may be reached at 703-266-2020; Email: or Luigi Solloso, Assistant Manager at 703-266-2044; Email:

Dan Jenuleson
Sully Station II Board of Trustees

Elections Results

Members and Residents of Sully Station II Community Association:

On October 23, 2014 the Sully Station II Community Association met for the Annual Meeting. The Election Committee tallied all the votes and Daniel Jenuleson, Veronica Asafaylo and William Perry have all been Re-Elected. Adrian Isaicu won election and now joins the Board of Trustees. We say goodbye to Ray Molano (Trustee) and Loraine Wood (Treasurer). In order to fill the vacant seat left from the absence of Ray Malano the Board of Trustees has appointed Ronald Schulte to fill the vacant seat on the Board of Trustees.

President –                  Daniel Jenuleson

Vice President –          Justin Boudville

Secretary -                  Carey Haynes

Treasurer –                  Ronald Schulte

Trustee –                     William Perry

Trustee –                     Veronica Asafaylo

Trustee -                     Adrian Isaicu

We would like to give a special thank you to all members of the Sully Station II Community Association who voted and submitted a proxy. The five lucky winners whose numbers were drawn to win the raffle are: Robert Introne, Harold & Myra Kammerer, Charles Kinney, Prakash & Neil Mehta and E. Pereira & S. Ellis. Also, the lucky winner whose ticket was drawn to win the $250 gift basket from FirstService Residential is Teague Tolson.

Architectural Review Board news

ARB approved a new color list for decks and fencing. The list of approved colors can be found below:

· Desert Sand · Desert Sand
· Caramel · Caramel
· 706 Cedar Natural tone · #706 Cedar Natural tone
· #717 Redwood Naturaltone · #717 Redwood Naturaltone
· #718 Fir/Pine Naturaltone · #718 Fir/Pine Naturaltone
· #727 Cinnamon · #727 Cinnamon
· T-170 Golden Honey · T-170 Golden Honey
· T-171 Antique Oak · T-171 Antique Oak
· T-172 Natural Sequoia · T-172 Natural Sequoia
· T-129 Chocolate · T-129 Chocolate
· T-104 Cordovan Brown · T-104 Cordovan Brown
·  ST-158 Golden Beige · ST-158 Golden Beige
· ST-152 Red Cedar · ST-152 Red Cedar
· ST-146 Cedar                              · ST-146 Cedar                             
·  ST-140 Bright Tamara · ST-140 Bright Tamara
· ST-134 Curry · ST-134 Curry
· ST-533 Cedar Naturaltone · ST-533 Cedar Naturaltone
· Unfinished Wood · Unfinished Wood
· #500/400 Natural · #500/400 Natural
· #501/401 Cedar Naturaltone · #501/401 Cedar Naturaltone
· SC- 533 Cedar Naturaltone
· SC-140 Bright Tamara
· SC-141-Tugboat
· SC-142 Cappuccino
· SC-146 Cedar
· SC-147 Castle Grey
· SC-148 Adobe Brown
· SC-152 Red Cedar
· SC-153 Taupe
· SC-158 Golden Beige